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No stranger to bringing strength through collaboration, electro Italian duo Flaremode have previously released on Generation Smash alongside SCNDL and Casper Yu for the explosive single, “The Cross”, and now are bringing in a fresh network of sounds to 2020, especially on their latest collaboration with Highup and Boust on “I Need You”.

Commencing with vitamin D-boosted guitar flecks and a spacious, sensational vocal, “I Need You” takes a brighter house direction with synth lines bubbling below and bass-tipped beats that add just the perfect amount of edge for an amalgamation of each artists style, never losing its level of elegance and radio-ready potential for a summer release that will dominate livestreams and pepper mixes over the next few months.

With Highup bringing his Australian influence of raw electro talent and newcomer Boust injecting some feel-good magic as a new name to welcome into the scene with a sparkling future, the three artists make a great team and no doubt scored a hit with this single.

Stream “I Need You” from Flaremode, Highup and Boust below!

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