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Highup is an Aussie DJ/Producer
Highup has signed releases on iconic labels such as: Spinnin’ Records, Multiplayer, Ultra Music & 2-Dutch Records
Highup has collaborated with: Bombs Away and has had his tracks played by the likes of: Showtek, Marcel Woods, Timmy Trumpet, Nicky Romero, Bombs Away, R3hab and more
Highup has featured in the Top 10 ARIA Club & Beatport Global Charts and on
Highup’s podcast ‘Seeing Red’ keeps his global fans going post-gigs

Have you always wanted to be a musician? When did you get the song writing bug?
When I was young, it was always in my blood, from a very early age. That to me is amazing, that I went through that process from such a young age. Making music has always been my passion, from piano, to drums, to playing saxophone! I’m just greatful that as a kid, I got to learn those instruments and to learn about chords, keys, scales, melodies and to make music in my head, come alive.

How would you describe your sound? Why do you think people resonate with your music?
My sound is fun, party upbeat vibes with a little bit of dirty. People resonate with my music, because they follow my journey and that grows as time evolves.

Which artist’s music and/or performance, past or present, inspires you today?
Mine was Deadmau5. Literally watching him on stage at Creamfields was amazing, inside the cube. To have that much technical skill and production added to a show, that still works with everything else that’s going around, he definitely was at the top of his game, back then. I remember one of the best songs was ‘The longest road’ by Morgan Page, his remix was epic!!

Your new single is about to be released this Friday, congrats! Describe its origin and evolution.
Thank you! This has been a long time coming. I wanted to do something different. It’s all about the journey in music to me. From start to finish, the sounds, vocals, melodies and everything need to come together and when the vocal hit, this track just came alive. The vocalist on this track was great to work with. The raw vocal even, I didn’t have to do much with it at all.

Is there an EP or Album on the drawing board?
I have so much music I’m working on at the moment, so not sure if I’ll release an album or just keep releasing singles.

Any tours or events coming up soon (Post-Iso)? What are you looking forward to, and what can the fans expect?
Of course yes!! Like this Covid-19 has definitely put things on hold, but it has not stopped me from keeping the wheels turning. So yes that that is happening, it’s just ‘when’ it will. I’m looking forward to getting overseas and showing the world how crazy Highup can get! Haha

If you could perform with any music artist, Alive or Dead, who would you choose? And why?
Hmmm this is a hard question, but to be honest I would love to perform with Timmy Trumpet, just because the energy he has on stage no mater what, is a show and I love that energy. You just bounce off each other so yeah I would love that!

Do you have any long-term aspirations as a music artist?
Just to be myself, keep pushing forward and never give up. I have goals, everyone does and sometimes those goals change even with this Covid19 issue hit. I was thinking, how can I adapt during this crap situation and to get through this. It’s always about changing and adapting.

What is the best thing about performing to a live audience? What’s been the career highlight so far?
Having crowds of people listening to your music. There is nothing you can say that’ll beat the feeling of playing to a crowd. It’s the hard work and time you put in, for that few mins of time, just to watch a crowd have full energy and go crazy! That’s what we live for, the fans and the people to make music come alive. At the moment meeting everyone in the industry that you look up to when you were young, seeing Artists that are mates and good long term friends that are now supporting your music, that’s really crazy.

Finally, a few questions for some quick answers –
Album – Butterfly Effect – Imago
Artist – Deadmau5, Malaa, Timmy Trumpet
Movie – Gone in 69 seconds
Place to visit – Maldives
Venue to play – Anywhere in Vegas or Mykonos
Food – Pizza and Donuts haha
Drink – Coconut Water/ Single Malt Whisky
Person in History – not sure
Tattoo – (If you don’t have one, what would you get?) None. I always wanted to get a dragon and yes it would be red haha!!

In Brief:

Australian based Highup is no stranger to heavy bass-driven drops, electro energy and genre fusing entities. From EDM explosives to a solid dose of electro-house, Highup takes ownership reeling in iconic streaming stats. He has signed tracks from Spinnin’ Records and Multiplayer to Ultra Music and beyond. The Highup power has created serious studio output, whilst booking a solid touring schedule (pre-March).
‘Disco Nights’ a collaboration with Reverse Prime and Discotek was recently released and signed to Showtek and Marcel Woods’ label 2-Dutch Records, while ‘Big Bad Doof’ with Bombs Away welcomed 2020 perfectly. ‘Okay Okay’ drove a pumping spot on the ARIA and Beatport charts. ‘Listen Up,’ ‘Kill The Game’ and ‘Seeing Red’ gained support from Showtek, R3hab, Timmy Trumpet and Nicky Romero to Brooks, Will Sparks, Phlegmatic Dogs, Komes, Uberjakd and While also having toured with ‘Bombs Away,’ the Highup sound travels with a racing pace and approaches the party with a diabolical and explosive stance. Outside of the club, his ‘Seeing Red’ podcast keeps dance-floor devotees full, reigning in his choice of the most upfront tracks his party has on offer. With a flawless signature, oozing energy from every crevice, the Highup sonic force breaks boundaries like no other.
Delivering his third instalment for 2020 on Knight Vision / Warner Music, Highup reigns in a bright, indie-dance vibe that strips down the vocals and fuses a flawless and fluid deep house hue on this electronic number. With an uplifting, sunset – ready notion, ‘Thinkin’ Bout U’ derives latin-esque undertones that complement the effortless but enthralling vocal, that builds up to the anticipated smooth groove on the drop, making it a proper dancefloor essential.

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